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26 years in translation and interpretation @ Malaysia and South East Asia !

26 年翻译与传译服务 @ 马来西亚 & 辐射东南亚地区

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CatEagle :-
SI and CI Interpretation (Technical and Business)
Certified Translation for immigration and embassies
Court Interpretation
Business interpretation for corporate and government
Thesis translation
Legal translation
Contract, SnP, Proposal translation
Patent translation
Technical Translation
Engineering Translation
Court and Affidavit and witness statement Translation

CatEagle provides comprehensive language translation services in Malaysia :-

* English to Chinese and vice versa
* Bahasa Malaysia (Malay) to English and vice versa
* Bahasa Malaysia (Malay) to Chinese & vice versa
* German, Japanese, Korean, Hindi, Tamil, Arabic, Russian to Chinese and English vice versa
* Spanish(Latin America), Dutch, Farsi(Persian) to Chinese and English vice versa
* English to Vietnamese, Laos, Indonesian, Tagalog & vice versa
* Thais to English & vice versa
* French, Spanish(International), Portuguese, Serbia, Greek, Hebrew to English and vice versa
* Finish, Swedish, Danish, Polish, Norwegian, Czech, Cambodian to English and vice versa
* Tibetan, Croatian, Estonian, Italian, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Irish to English and vice versa
* Latin, Luxemburgish, Mongolian, Nepali, Turkish, Zulu, Telugu to English and vice versa
* Uyghur, Ukrainian, Tahitian, Tatar, Slovak, Sinhalese, Sanskrit, Punjabi to English and vice versa

We can do translation for all sorts of documents, technical specifications, speeches, drama scripts, sketches, pure technical items, advertisements, short articles, menus, resumes, medicine, IT, telecommunication, video, audio, web page, instruction manuals, books & etc.

CatEagle provides comprehensive language interpretation services :-

* Interpreting service for Chinese to English (Two ways).
* Interpreting service for English to Chinese (Two ways).
* Interpreting service for Malay to Chinese
* Interpreting service for Malay to English
* Interpreting service for English to Vietnamese (Two ways).
* Interpreting service for Vietnamese to English (Two ways).
* Interpreting service for Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Thais, Vietnamese
* Interpreting service for Spanish, Arabic, French, Russian, Dutch, Indonesian, Nepali

Different Methods of Interpreting  传译服务

Simultaneous Interpretation 同步传译:  Most frequently used for large conferences, seminar or meeting.  Simultaneous interpreting requires that the interpreter translate exactly what the speaker saying, live, as they speak.  The interpreter is both listening and speaking simultaneous, at the same time.    This requires intense and high concentration, high attention, fast response and fast talking yet precise and accurate.  This kind of interpretation requires intelligent and knowledgeable candidate.

Consecutive Interpretation 交替传译:  Most frequently used in speeches, sermon, talks, keynotes address and smaller or large meeting.  The speaker will speak for a few sentences, then pause for a while.   The interpreter will listen, memorize, take notes and then must translate exactly the speaker message during the pause.  The interpreter must be able to translate what the speaker said into fluent sentences without pause or prompt or delay, he must translate immediately, live and fast !

Accompanying Interpretation 陪同传译: Another form of consecutive interpreting is often called accompanying interpreting.  If you are visitors from another country, you may want to use the services of interpreter who accompanies you to meet your clients,  at the airport, city tours, and shopping excursions.  Accompanying interpreters generally translate informal conconversation in casual setting

Whispering Interpretation 低声传译:  French call it chuchotage.  Whispering interpretation is used in small meetings and informal settings, business negotiation and one to one in any circumstances.  Whispering interpretation is used when the meeting is taking place in one language and delegate speaks a different language.  The interpreter sits beside the delegate and whispers the interpretation in the meeting.  It is a less formal type of language interpretation.

CatEagle provides different interpretation @ live and online.  We provide comprehensive simultaneous, consecutive interpretation by our in house interpreter.

Pls email to or for an immediate FOC quote !

Or call our hotline 012 6161623 (Kuala Lumpur) or office number 03-42651674 (O) !

Person to contact SYLee   (MIEEE, AMIM, B.Engineering, Certificate Chinese Education, Dip Science, Malaysia HRDC Certified Trainer, Theological Certificate)


CatEagle Clients –  Written Translation / 笔译




CatEagle provides SI system and ear set ! (RF and IR ear set)

提供同传翻译器材 (无线电和红外线)


Appendix (Past interpretation projects from June 2015 to early 2016)

27-29 May 2015 Levi AMA 2015 Retails Conference
Levi Jeans : Marketing and Promotion
Chinese-English Simultaneous   interpretation for Levi California 中英同步传译
13-Jun-15 Amway National Leadership Conference 2015 Chinese-English Simultaneous   interpretation 中英同步传译
8-Jul-15 The NU Skin STAR Workshop, Kuala Lumpur Chinese-English Simultaneous   interpretation 中英同步传译
23-24 Jul 2015 Animal Health and Welfare conference @ Melaka, Malaysia Chinese-English Simultaneous   interpretation 中英同步传译
25-Jul-15 NU Skin conference,  Wisma MCA, Kuala Lumpur Chinese-English Simultaneous   interpretation 中英同步传译
15-Aug-15 Herbalife’s Leadership Development Weekend Chinese-English Simultaneous   interpretation 中英同步传译
24-Aug-15 1st East Asia Investment Forum,  一带一路Mandarin Oriental, Kuala Lumpur Chinese-English Simultaneous   interpretation 中英同步传译
7-Sep-15 Ref no: 2015/SIM/003
Malaysia MPOC @ Palm oil conference on export and import; organizer :  Bank of China 中国银行 and MayBank.
Chinese-English Simultaneous   interpretation 中英同步传译
17-18 Sep 2015 Hanwang Sustainable Development International Forum, One belt one Road, 一带一路 ASEAN economic community, organizer : Penang State Government Chinese-English Simultaneous   interpretation 中英同步传译
19 Sep 2015 SAORI  @ 化妝品公司,會議中翻英口譯,9/18下午4:10∼6:00,地點在馬來西亞Shah Alam Chinese-English Simultaneous   interpretation  中英同步传译
25 Sep 2015 CSA点亮一带一路——马来西亚对接会 ;  CSA Lighting the “New Silk Road”—Malaysia Business Summit on Solid State Lighting Chinese-English Simultaneous   interpretation  中英同步传译
9 Oct 2015 Industry Development and Planning of Hainan Province Chinese-English Simultaneous   interpretation 中英同步传译
10 Oct 2015 Melaleuca Leadership Summit Chinese-English Simultaneous   interpretation 中英同步传译
12 Oct 2015 Bulgaria @ 5 levels Funwalls & Rocktopia construction Chinese-English Simultaneous   interpretation 中英同步传译
23 Oct 2015 NU Skin Conference @ Eastin Hotel Penang, Malaysia Chinese-English Simultaneous   interpretation  中英同步传译
5 Nov 2015 Symantec Asia Partner Conference (IT, Internet Security and Software certificate) Venue:  Mandarin Oriental Singapore Chinese-English Simultaneous   interpretation 中英同步传译
6 Nov 2015 Sunway Manager Conference @ Sunway Convention Center, Venue : Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Chinese-English Simultaneous   interpretation 中英同步传译
7 Nov 2015 China and Malaysian Government meeting @ One Belt One Road Strategy;Venue at Dewan Negeri Selangor Hall, Malaysia Chinese-English Simultaneous   interpretation 中英同步传译
11 Nov 2015 NU Skin Malaysia ConferenceVenue : Renaissance Hotel Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Chinese-English Simultaneous   interpretation 中英同步传译
17-18 Nov 2015 Asia Natural Gas Infrastructure Conference, SingaporeSmarta Conferences LLC64 Gertsena St., Tyumen 625000, Russian Federation.Venue : Singapore Chinese-English Simultaneous   interpretation 中英同步传译
21-22 Nov 2015 Herbalife World Team School,Venue: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Chinese-English Simultaneous   interpretation 中英同步传译
24-25 Nov 2015 ICBC Asia, Kenya Nairobi @ Africa Offshore RMB Seminar; One Belt One Road InitiativeVenue : Kenya, Africa Chinese-English Simultaneous   interpretation  中英同步传译
2 Dec 2015 KLIA international Airport Malaysia Custum English-Chinese Consecutive interpretation
10 Dec 2015 Malaysia UMNO Party General Assembly, opening ceremony interpretation for Malaysia Prime Minister English & Malay-Chinese simultaneous interpretation
14 Dec 2015 China High Speed Symposium (Enhancing Mobility and Powering Life with China Sustainable Development) English-Chinese Mandarin Simultaneous interpretation
8 Jan 2016 Consecutive interpretation for China Sea Port conglomerate and Klang Port management English-Chinese Mandarin Consecutive interpretation
31 Jan 2016 to 2 Feb 2016 Simultaneous Interpretation English-Mandarin for Samsung Event @Samsung 2016 Forum ; KLCC Malaysia English-Chinese Mandarin Simultaneous interpretation
9 Mar 2016 David Gurupatham And Koay; legal discussion and contract signing ceremony and conference English-Chinese Mandarin Consecutive interpretation
5 – 7 Apr 2016 HP Printer Convention @ 3 days Grand Sheraton Macau @ 300 delegates English-Chinese Mandarin Simultaneous Interpretation