CatEagle Technical & Management Training & Development Department

CatEagle chief Trainer, Lee Soong-Yee


1.  We provide technical and management training to the managers, engineers, technician, lecturers and scientists in the manufacturing, industrial & academic world.
2.  We help to align organization to achieve process improvement, strategic goal, functional task and operational results.
3.  We specialize in the factory cost, quality, cycle time, OEE and productivity improvement.
4.  We provide Chinese Mandarin classes & training to adults and expatriates.

Primary courses

1. /  5S House keeping system : core course for Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei.

One day from 9am to 5pm; 20 pax RM3000 per day

2./  FMEA Methodology and Technique

One day from 9am to 5pm; 20 pax RM3000 per day

3.// DMAIC Methodology

SYLee is the instructor and trainer for the DMAIC training. DMAIC is the basic 6 sigma tool, simplified version of 6 sigma, that is useful and most widely use in the systemic improvement cycle.  Its being use in all sectors, not restricted to high volume manufacturing, its also being use in commercial and banking industries.  These two days course is the basic for DMAIC, for managers, engineers, supervisor and technicians.

4.// Productivity improvment

5.// 7 QC tools and new 7 QC

6.// How to set SMART Goal and accomplished it @ 0.5 day from 9am to 12.30pm
16 participant ; course fee RM 1600; for factory manager and engineers, executive and supervisors.  Time from 9am to 1pm.    Good for factory managers, engineers, executives, supervisors, and technicians.  Pls sign up for this effective course today..

7.//Problem Solving and Decision making

8.// TPM

9.// LEAN

10.// Kaizen


Pls email to or call SYLee 012 6161623 to conduct this two days course in your company.
Fee per day RM3000, 20 pax !


9 Apr 2015 Plastic Packaging Sdn Bhd and Packaging Service Sdn Bhd, Klang, Selangor, Malaysia 5S training for engineers and technicians, 18persons
Jan to Dec, Year 2015 Cosmo Polyurethane (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, Port Klang, Selangor, Malaysia, Japanese company in Malaysia. 5S and manufacturing system and cost reduction consultancy 1 year service
5 May 2015 F&N (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, Shah Alam, Selangor 5S training for manufacturing supervisors, technicians and manufacturing assistants, 40 persons
13 Aug 2015 Vinlin Press Sdn Bhd, Puchong, Selangor 7 QC steps methodology for managers, executives and engineers, 8 persons
17 and 24 Oct 2015 Monin (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, Rawang, Selagor,  French company, factory in Malaysia 5S and Problem solving training for managers, engineers and technicians, 20 persons
29 – 30 Oct 2015 Liebherr Appliances Kluang Sdn Bhd, Johor Malaysia, German factory in Malaysia, manufacture freezer. FMEA Training for engineers, 25 persons(Failure Mode and Effect Analysis)
30 Mar 2016 5S and Kaizen lectures in Brunei University to 120 engineers, managers, CEO and government officers 5S and Kaizen Lectures in Brunei University to 120 persons (mostly top management, CEO and government officers)









Others courses :-

Course 1: Intensive Problem Solving and Decision Making (2 days)

Engineers, managers, technicians & scientist often encounter problem with process, machines, equipments, customers, suppliers, maintenance, production, management and their subordinates. Every day they have to make decisions or help the team to find a solution. Their decisions are critical to the effectiveness of managing their workplace. This program is specially designed to suit factory current needs on identifying the best Problem Solving & Decision Making approach to effectively confront all problems and to make good decisions via systematical approach.

Course 2: Digital Test Methodology (4 days)

Widely used in all MNC semiconductor manufacturing factory. The course covered most part of the digital testing methodology, its test development, debugging, verification and test run. All test, product and process engineers who work extensively in test development for tester related to Teradyne, ETS, LTX, Verigy, Slumberger and Advantest should attend this basic test development and test methodology training. You will gain a full understanding into the digital testing architecture and systematical test development in the IC testing environment.

Course 3: FMEA, Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (1 day)

Failure Mode and Effect Analysis is use in factory for process improvement, risk assessment and control.  This one day course is designed for manager, engineer, technician and QA personnel to have a basic understanding on FMEA and RPN (Risk Priority Number).  Exposure will be given on how to develop and effective FMEA and how to implement the FMEA in production and work place.   More emphasis will be given on how to familiarize with the FMEA process control, especially stress will be on the process FMEA.  This course is and ideal starting point for one year engineer, to fully understand and implement the FMEA in their work place, solidly and with positive results.

Course 4: 8D (1 day)

This is basic 8D course for factory as well as commercial lines.  The course structure is designed for those who has more than 1 year of working of experience and want to better understanding in 8D background and systematic approach to 8D solution and problem solving in high volume manufacturing environment.

Course 5: GRR Gage Repeatability and Reproducibility (1 day)

Gage R&R stands for Gage repeatability and reproducibility, its an international accepted statistical tool that measures the amount of variation in the measurement system arising from the measurement devices and the people taking the measurement.  When measuring the product of any process, there are two sources of variation: the variation of the process itself and the variation of the measurement system MSA.  The purpose of conducting the GR&R is to be able to distinguish the former from the latter, and to reduce the measurement system variation if it is excessive.

Typically, a gage R&R is performed prior to using it.  We repeat the gage R&R anytime we have a new appraiser.  It is part of the training and certification process.  We also repeat it annually to make sure we aren;t experiencing any erosion of skill or deterioration of MSA.  Its is used as part of the six sigma DMAIC process for any variation project.

Course 6 : 5S (0.5 day)

5S program focuses on organization, cleanliness and standardization to improve the profitability, efficiency, service and safety.  Its is one of the key fundamental tools of process improvement in the international accepted standard.

5S is a methodology for organizing and minimizing items within the workplace, in order to make it operate more efficiently.  This is accomplished through the following phases :-

# sort – getting rid of what is unwanted and not needed anymore
# simplify-designating the proper location for needed items
# shine- clean and organize workplace
# standardize-everyone doing and identifying things the same way
# sustain-integrating 5S into the daily activities

Course 7 : Lean Initiative in manufacturing (1 day)

Teach on the theory of lean manufacturing and its benefit cum successful implementation of Lean.  Suitable for manager and engineers without exposure to Lean, in order to understand the Lean concept, the history, benefit, procedures and its implementation steps.

Lean has proven itself over the last 20 years to be the most explosive path to manufacturing success in this world of global competition. You will learn how to attain dramatic improvement in productivity, quality, cost, and service through the process of systematic waste elimination.

Course 8 : New 7 QC and old 7 QC (1 day)

Course 9 : TPM (2 day)

Course 10 : KAIZEN (1 day)

    Terms & Definition
    Introduction to KAIZEN & Key Elements of KAIZEN
    Gemba KAIZEN
    KAIZEN and the Suggestion System
    Process-oriented Management vs Result-oriented Management

    Differences Between Maintenance, KAIZEN & Innovation
    KAIZEN vs Innovation
    KAIZEN and Measurement
    The Roles of each Hierarchy KAIZEN Involvement

    Japanese vs Western Approaches
    Toyota Production System
    Dangerous Waste
    Value Stream Mapping
    5S Housekeeping Culture

    3 Main Segments for KAIZEN Implementation
    Management-oriented KAIZEN
    Group-oriented KAIZEN
    Individual-oriented KAIZEN
    Group Exercise
    Sample of 5M for Fish Bone Diagram
    7 QC Tools
    Sample of Action Plan

    4 Stages of Implementation (Training, Planning, Implementing & Auditing)
    Some Tips to Get Started
    The Wet Blanket List

    Data Collection on Process Study
–    Identify Process Flow and Process Elements and Layout
–    Time and Motion Study
–    Identify Value Added and Non-Value Added Elements
–    Standard Work
–    Complete Housekeeping (3S) Improvement

Course 11 : Poka Yoke (0.5 day)



Other courses :

1.   Influential Skill
2.   Negotiation Skills
4.   Communication & Interpersonal Skills
5.   Technical Report Writing
6.   Inventory Management
7.   Relationship Selling
8.   7 QC Steps
9.   Supply Chain Management
10. Strategic Sales Planning
11. Strategic Market Planning
12. Key Account Management
13. Managing the Dealers
14. PR & Corporate Communication
15. Call Center Management
16. Materials Management & Handling System
17. Industrial Maintenance
18. Kursus Asas Pembangunan Line Leader
19. Penyelian Cermerlang
20. Sikap Kerja Positif

CatEagle Language Development Department

We provide comprehensive language training and development for young adults and expatriates in Malaysia.

1. Basic Chinese language @ Mandarin class.
2. Advanced Chinese language @ Mandarin class.

Target for adults,expatriates, company, government agencies, private sector, MNC and SME.

Chinese Mandarin @ Putonghua for Adults and Expatriates :-
How to be prepared for the experience & education skill called Chinese Mandarin @ Simplified Chinese in true Malaysian context. This intensive course is designed to train beginners or those with some basic to master Mandarin @ Putonghua. It will help the students in understanding Chinese phonetics, Chinese characters, social expression, business terms and etc, most importantly oral and simple writing.

The teachers are native of Malaysian, and speak local languages fluently. The whole course structure is true Malaysian yet with mixture of China cum Taiwanese syllabus. Developed solely by CatEagle, modified to suite different levels and flexibly follow the pace of each student.

Advanced Chinese Language for Adults and Expatriates :-
Sun Tzu said: The art of war is of vital importance to the State. The communication is vital importance to individual. This course is specifically designed for young individuals and adults. It is tailor made, CatEagle self developed, flexi, modified per progress of individual student, Malaysian cultures, mixture of cross boundaries syllabus and internationally relevant. It will help the students stand confidently in front of congregation, seminar and public conversation. You can be assured of the quality, dedication, responsibility, willingness to success and enthusiasm in all aspects. CatEagle true scholars will make a different.

All students will need to prepare for HSK level 1 to level 6 exams.


Pls contact : –
SYLee (MIEEE, AMIM, Bachelor Engineering, Certificate Chinese Education, Dip Science, Malaysia HRDC approved and certified trainer)
cell phone : 012-6161623
email : ;




 Fee structure :
 One day course in client premises @ RM3000 for max 30 students