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Brunei for Corporate program                   Malaysian Government Program


Malaysia Langkawi International Event


Date Event Interpretation
29-Jan-13 Simultaneous Interpretation Impiana Hotel, Elanco from PRC meeting and convention Eng-Chinese Mandarin  Simultaneous Interpretation同步传译
20-23 Feb 2013 Focus  Group : Simultaneous Interpretation in Malay to English, Chinese to English in JB English <> Chinese Simultaneous Interpretation同步传译
9-Mar-13 NU Skin New executive getaway @ Grand Dorsett; 9am – 12.30pm
English <> Chinese  Simultaneous Interpretation同步传译
26-Mar-13 Shangrila Hotel @ China Xian City : Government Delegate @ 9am – 1pm 中国西安旅游局 English <> Chinese  Consecutive Interpretation
27-Mar-13 NS Skin scientific conference : Dr Joe & others : Interpretation@ KL Swiss Garden 7pm-9pm
English <> Chinese  Simultaneous Interpretation同步传译
28-Mar-13 NU Skin scientific conference :Dr Joe & others : Interpretation@ Penang Eastin @ 7pm-9pm
English <> Chinese  Simultaneous Interpretation同步传译
16-18 Apr 2013 2nd Hazards Asia Pacific Symposium第二届危害亚太地区研讨会 Eng-Chinese simultaneous interpretation同步传译
27-May-13 NU Skin Conference : Consecutive Interpretation @ full day Eng-Chinese Simultaneous Interpretation 同步传译
28-May-13 NU Skin Conference: Simultaneous Interpretation @ half day Eng-Chinese  simultaneous interpretation同步传译
2-Jul-13 IAS 2013 : Merck AIDS international conference
Simultaneous Interpretation @ half day KLCC艾滋病会议
Eng-Chinese Simultaneous Interpretation同步传译
13-Aug-13 2013 International Dragon Award for life insurance and financial industry Annual Meeting
Organized by IDA and MyCEB
Chinese-Eng-Chinese Interpretation
Media briefing EMCEE
20-Aug-13 Simultaneous Interpretation Viva Tel  Loke Yew, Herbal Life product showcase 产品培训讲解 Eng-Chinese Simultaneous Interpretation
21-Aug-13 Simultaneous Interpretation VivaTel  Loke Yew, Herbal Life product showcase 产品培训讲解 Eng-Chinese Simultaneous Interpretation
13-Sep-13 Malaysian AIDS Council ” Simultaneous and consecutive interpretation @ 10am-12pm Malay-English-Malay consecutive interpretation
16-Oct-13 Jabatan Perkhimatan Veterinari, Putra Jaya
Kementerian Pertanian and Industri Asas Tani马来西亚农业部与中国代表团
Consecutive Interpretation for Edible Bird Nest, China delegate and Malaysia Veterinary officer
18-Oct-13 Consecutive Interpretation on Properties @ full day 9am-2pm;6pm-9pm 吉隆坡产业大会 Eng-Mandarin  Consecutive Interpretation
20-21 Oct 2013 UNWTO 3rd world tourism conference @ Melaka Malaysia 亚太旅游会议 Simultaneous Interpretation @ Eng-Mandarin
28-Oct-13 Taiwan Tourism Board Discussion with Malaysia Tourism Board Putra Jaya 台湾旅游部 Consecutive Interpretation : English-Chinese
29-Oct-13 Kuala Lumpur Mahkamah Sesyen KL @ No. Kes : A52NCC-148-07/2013 吉隆坡法庭 Eng-Chinese Consecutive Interpretation
30-Oct-13 Taiwan Tourism Board Discussion with Malaysia Tourism Board @ KL 台湾旅游部 Consecutive Interpretation : English-Chinese
5-Dec-13 Berkeley Capital USA ;Skype interpretation  @ 40 minutes每个地产公司销售讲解传译 Eng-Chinese-Eng Consecutive Interpretation
6-Dec-13 Berkeley Capital USA ; Skype interpretation  @ 1 hours ; 10am-11am ; 2pm-3.30pm Eng-Chinese-Eng Consecutive Interpretation
11-Dec-13 Berkeley Capital USA ; Skype interpretation @ 1pm 每个地产公司销售讲解传译 Eng-Chinese Consecutive Interpretation
11-Dec-13 Berkeley Capital USA ; Skype Interpretation 7pm-9pm 每个地产公司销售讲解传译 Eng-Chinese-Eng Consecutive Interpretation
19-Dec-13 Berkeley Capital USA ; Consecutive Interpretation @ 12 noon to 3.45pm  每个地产公司销售讲解传译 Chinese-Eng-Chinese Consecutive Interpretation
30-Dec-13 JPNKC.02 :Kahwin (Marriage) interpretation in ITBM @ 4pm 马来西亚登记局 Eng-Chinese-Eng Consecutive Interpretation
6-Feb-14 Court Interpretation : Sepang Court  马来西亚法庭 Eng-Chinese-Malay Consecutive Interpretation
11-Feb-14 Financial Service Asia Conference 亚太金融大会 Eng-Chinese Simultaneous Interpretation同步传译
12-Feb-14 JPNKC.02 ; 12 Feb 2014 2pm 国家登记局 Malay-Mandarin Consecutive Interpretation 中英同步传译
12-Mar-14 The 6th Asia Bitumen Summit 2014 @ full day亚洲沥青大会同步传译 English-Chinese Simultaneous Interpretation同步传译
13-Mar-14 The 6th Asia Bitumen Summit 2014 @ half day
Organizer : CBI China 亚洲沥青大会
English-Chinese Simultaneous Interpretation同步传译
22-23 Mar 2014 Seiketsu “Megembalikan Tulang Yang Sihat” Conference and Q&Q with professor from Chiang Mai, Thailand
Kota Bahru @ 3.5 hours ; Butterworth @ 4 hours
Chinese-English-Malay Consecutive Interpretation
26-Mar-14 Laureus World Sports Awards Malaysia 2014 @ 4 hours国际最佳运动员颁奖典礼 English<>Chinese Simultaneous Interpretation同步传译
29-Mar-14 Seiketsu “Megembalikan Tulang Yang Sihat” Conference and Q&Q with professor from Chiang Mai, Thailand
Muar @ 3 hours
Chinese-English Consecutive Interpretation
30-Mar-14 Seiketsu “Megembalikan Tulang Yang Sihat” Conference and Q&Q with professor from Chiang Mai, Thailand
Kuala Lumpur @ 3 hours
Chinese-English Consecutive Interpretation
8-Apr-14 Incoming Buying Mission @ MIHAS 2014 @ MATRADE马来西亚贸易发展局 English-Chinese Consecutive Interpretation
12-Apr-14 NU Skin meeting @ Penang Gurney Hotel ; 6.30pm – 9.45pm 直销公司大会 Chinese-English Simultaneous interpretation同步传译
8-Apr-14 Incoming Buying Mission @ MIHAS 2014 @ MATRADE马来西亚贸易发展局 English-Chinese  Simultaneous Interpretation同步传译
12-Apr-14 NU Skin meeting @ Penang Gurney Hotel ; 6.30pm – 9.45pm直销公司大会 Chinese-English  Simultaneous  interpretation同步传译
14-Apr-14 High Court : Mahkamah Tinggi Shah Alam 马来西亚法庭 Chinese-English  Simultaneous  interpretation同步传译
18-Apr-14 NUCERITY Convention @ Sunway Convention Center 美国 NUCERITY直销大会 Chinese-English  Simultaneous  interpretation同步传译
19-Apr-14 NUCERITY Convention @ Sunway Convention Center直销公司年度表扬大会 Chinese-English  Simultaneous  interpretation同步传译
27-May-14 Kuala Lumpur Regional Center for Arbitration @ KKB Engineering Berhad 马来西亚仲裁法庭
Consecutive Interpretation for witness and Arbitrator
27 May – full day ; 28 May – half day
29 May – half day afternoon ; 30 May – half day morning
English-Chinese Consecutive Interpretation
9-Jun-14 Onsite Korean movie shooting interpretation x 2 persons English-Malay Consecutive Interpretation
15-16 Sep 2014 Girbrau Spain @ 1st Coil and Vended laundry machines business workshop : Simultaneous Interpretation西班牙公司培训和会议同步传译 English-Chinese-English   Simultaneous  interpretation 同步传译
17-18 Sep 2014 Herbalife : DREAM Team Retreat 2014 English-Chinese Simultaneous Interpretation 同步传译
22-23 Sep 2014 Amway Ultimate DD training session for leaders @ Amway HQ PJ 安丽培训 Simultaneous Interpretation English-Chinese同步传译
10-11 Oct 2014 4Life Asia Convention 2014: 培训公司亚洲2014大会 English-Chinese  Simultaneous  Interpretation同步传译
12-Oct-14 12 Sep 14 Amway’s Nutrilite Rally at PWTC @ 8pm-10pm English-Chinese  Simultaneous  Interpretation同步传译
15-Oct-14 Acara jurubahasa IGEM 2014 (Matrade) di KLCC, IGEM, Internationl Green Tech and Eco Product Exhibition and Conference. Chinese-English Simultaneous   interpretation同步传译
20-Oct-14 International Business Meeting (INTRADE 2014)
Level 1 West Wing Menara MATRADE, Jalan Duta
English-Chinese Simultaneous   Interpretation
21-Oct-14 KLIA Kastam interpretation English-Malay-Chinese for two Chinese girls and Kastam officer马来西亚海关 English-Chinese-Malay Consecutive Interpretation
24-Oct-14 Herbalife’s APAC Wellness 2014 亚太保健大会 English-Chinese  Simultaneous  Interpretation同步传译
29-30 Oct 2014 29 & 30 Oct Roche conference @ AEEPO on cancer patients treatment 医药与护理会议 English-Chinese  Simultaneous  Interpretation同步传译
5-Nov-14 5 Nov 14 Herbalife’s Leadership Training at Shah Alam Convention English-Chinese Simultaneous   Interpretation同步传译
10-Nov-14 Malaysia Anti Corruption Commission-China Guangdong Supervisory Board meeting @ 9am to 12 noon反贪污与廉政会议 English-Chinese  Simultaneous  Interpretation 同步传译
11-Nov-14 Institute Integrity Malaysia-Chinese Guangdong Supervisory Board meeting反贪污与廉政会议 English-Chinese Simultaneous  Interpretation同步传译
12-Nov-14 NU Skin Convention @ Prince Hotel Kuala Lumpur English-Chinese  Simultaneous  Interpretation同步传译
13-Nov-14 20th Asian Holorological Trade & Industries Promotion Conference (AHTIPC) 亚洲钟表业大会 English-Chinese  Simultaneous  Interpretation
21-Nov-14 NU Skin Go STAR Camp @ Holiday Villa Subang @ 8.00 to 10.15am English-Chinese Simultaneous   Interpretation 同步传译
28-Nov-14 Majlis menandatangani MOU antara Perbadanan Kemajuan Negeri Melaka dan Syarikat XINGYI Glass 中国玻璃 Chinese-English Simultaneous   interpretation同步传译
19-21 Jan 2015 INTR08-1214 J&J Conference @ Johnson & Johnson Vision Care Asia Pacific (JJVC AP);
19 Jan – Full day ; 20 Jan – Half day美国 Johnson & Johnson年度亚太会议
Chinese-English Simultaneous   interpretation 同步传译
22-23 Jan 2015 REGIONAL SALES MEETING (CATERPILLAR International)  ; 22 Jan – 23 Jan ; Full day美国  CATERPILLAR 亚太销售会议 Chinese-English Simultaneous   interpretation 同步传译
29-Jan-15 Sime Darby Leadership Centre, Global Induction Program Chinese-English Simultaneous   interpretation 同步传译
9-13 Feb 2015 Interpretation for JB, KL, Penang factories for BIRGMA HOLDINGS (HONG KONG) LIMITED Chinese-English Consecutive   interpretation
3-4 Mar 2015 Palm Oil Conference Kuala Lumpur  棕榈油大会 Chinese-English Simultaneous   interpretation同步传译
7-Mar-15 Jeuannes Diamond Expedition Golden Horse Kuala Lumpur @ 12.30pm to 6pm Chinese-English Simultaneous   interpretation 同步传译
18-19 Mar 2015 Consecutive Interpretation in KLRCA English-Mandarin, Malaysia Regional Arbitration Center Chinese-English Consecutive   interpretation
31-Mar-15 MATRADE @ MIHAS one day Consecutive Interpretation for Halal Buying Mission Chinese-English-Malay Consecutive   interpretation
16-17 Apr 2015 Guangzhou 广州 Finance Association and Malaysia RHB Bank and Malaysia Citibank Chinese-English Consecutive   interpretation
23-26 Apr 2015 4U Institute Micheal Jiang ; CEO Conference Simultaneous Interpretation @ Shangrila Rasa Sayang Hotel Penang 台湾培训课程同步传译 Chinese-English Simultaneous   interpretation 同步传译
19-May-15 Christian Dior 2015 Beauty Consultant Conference Grand Hyatt Bali, Kawasan Wisata Nusa Dua BTDC, Nusa Dua, Bali 80363, Indonesia Chinese-English Simultaneous   interpretation for Christian Dior Paris 中英同步传译
27-29 May 2015 Levi AMA 2015 Retails Conference
Levi Jeans : Marketing and Promotion
Chinese-English Simultaneous   interpretation for Levi California 中英同步传译
13-Jun-15 Amway National Leadership Conference 2015 Chinese-English Simultaneous   interpretation 中英同步传译
8-Jul-15 The NU Skin STAR Workshop, Kuala Lumpur Chinese-English Simultaneous   interpretation 中英同步传译
23-24 Jul 2015 Animal Health and Welfare conference @ Melaka, Malaysia Chinese-English Simultaneous   interpretation 中英同步传译
25-Jul-15 NU Skin conference,  Wisma MCA, Kuala Lumpur Chinese-English Simultaneous   interpretation 中英同步传译
15-Aug-15 Herbalife’s Leadership Development Weekend Chinese-English Simultaneous   interpretation 中英同步传译
24-Aug-15 1st East Asia Investment Forum,  一带一路Mandarin Oriental, Kuala Lumpur Chinese-English Simultaneous   interpretation 中英同步传译
7-Sep-15 Ref no: 2015/SIM/003
Malaysia MPOC @ Palm oil conference on export and import; organizer :  Bank of China 中国银行 and MayBank.
Chinese-English Simultaneous   interpretation 中英同步传译
17-18 Sep 2015 Hanwang Sustainable Development International Forum, One belt one Road, 一带一路 ASEAN economic community, organizer : Penang State Government Chinese-English Simultaneous   interpretation 中英同步传译
19 Sep 2015 SAORI  @ 化妝品公司,會議中翻英口譯,9/18下午4:10∼6:00,地點在馬來西亞Shah Alam Chinese-English Simultaneous   interpretation  中英同步传译
25 Sep 2015 CSA点亮一带一路——马来西亚对接会 ;  CSA Lighting the “New Silk Road”—Malaysia Business Summit on Solid State Lighting Chinese-English Simultaneous   interpretation  中英同步传译
9 Oct 2015 Industry Development and Planning of Hainan Province Chinese-English Simultaneous   interpretation 中英同步传译
10 Oct 2015 Melaleuca Leadership Summit Chinese-English Simultaneous   interpretation 中英同步传译
12 Oct 2015 Bulgaria @ 5 levels Funwalls & Rocktopia construction Chinese-English Simultaneous   interpretation 中英同步传译
23 Oct 2015 NU Skin Conference @ Eastin Hotel Penang, Malaysia Chinese-English Simultaneous   interpretation  中英同步传译
5 Nov 2015 Symantec Asia Partner Conference (IT, Internet Security and Software certificate) Venue:  Mandarin Oriental Singapore Chinese-English Simultaneous   interpretation 中英同步传译
6 Nov 2015 Sunway Manager Conference @ Sunway Convention Center, Venue : Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Chinese-English Simultaneous   interpretation 中英同步传译
7 Nov 2015 China and Malaysian Government meeting @ One Belt One Road Strategy;Venue at Dewan Negeri Selangor Hall, Malaysia Chinese-English Simultaneous   interpretation 中英同步传译
11 Nov 2015 NU Skin Malaysia ConferenceVenue : Renaissance Hotel Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Chinese-English Simultaneous   interpretation 中英同步传译
17-18 Nov 2015 Asia Natural Gas Infrastructure Conference, SingaporeSmarta Conferences LLC64 Gertsena St., Tyumen 625000, Russian Federation.Venue : Singapore Chinese-English Simultaneous   interpretation 中英同步传译
21-22 Nov 2015 Herbalife World Team School,Venue: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Chinese-English Simultaneous   interpretation 中英同步传译
24-25 Nov 2015 ICBC Asia, Kenya Nairobi @ Africa Offshore RMB Seminar; One Belt One Road InitiativeVenue : Kenya, Africa Chinese-English Simultaneous   interpretation  中英同步传译
2 Dec 2015 KLIA international Airport Malaysia Custum English-Chinese Consecutive interpretation
10 Dec 2015 Malaysia UMNO Party General Assembly, opening ceremony interpretation for Malaysia Prime Minister English & Malay-Chinese simultaneous interpretation
14 Dec 2015 China High Speed Symposium (Enhancing Mobility and Powering Life with China Sustainable Development) English-Chinese Mandarin Simultaneous interpretation
8 Jan 2016 Consecutive interpretation for China Sea Port conglomerate and Klang Port management English-Chinese Mandarin Consecutive interpretation
31 Jan 2016 to 2 Feb 2016 Simultaneous Interpretation English-Mandarin for Samsung Event @Samsung 2016 Forum ; KLCC Malaysia English-Chinese Mandarin Simultaneous interpretation
9 Mar 2016 David Gurupatham And Koay; legal discussion and contract signing ceremony and conference English-Chinese Mandarin Consecutive interpretation
5 – 7 Apr 2016 HP Printer Convention @ 3 days Grand Sheraton Macau @ 300 delegates English-Chinese Mandarin Simultaneous Interpretation