We provide interpretation service ; Simultaneous interpretation equipment for rental, booths, transmitter, ear set (RF and UHF, and IR).

口译服务,同声翻译,转交翻译;   同传器材;耳机

Contact  联系: SYLee ;



Project list done by CatEagle ; simultaneous interpretation and consecutive interpretation done by CatEagle


Brunei for Corporate program                   Malaysian Government Program


Malaysia Langkawi International Event

SI interpreting at UMNO General Assembly opening ceremony

SI at Africa Kenya Noirobi Seminar

SI at Wisma MCA for government program

 CatEagle provides SI system  提供同传翻译器材 :-

  • Interpretation booths for rental

  • Simultaneous interpretation head set for rental 耳机
  • RF system and IR system head set 无线电和紫外线耳机


Contact : SYLee ;



Date Event Interpretation
29-Jan-13 Simultaneous Interpretation Impiana Hotel, Elanco from PRC meeting and convention Eng-Chinese Mandarin  Simultaneous Interpretation同步传译
20-23 Feb 2013 Focus  Group : Simultaneous Interpretation in Malay to English, Chinese to English in JB English <> Chinese Simultaneous Interpretation同步传译
9-Mar-13 NU Skin New executive getaway @ Grand Dorsett; 9am – 12.30pm
English <> Chinese  Simultaneous Interpretation同步传译
26-Mar-13 Shangrila Hotel @ China Xian City : Government Delegate @ 9am – 1pm 中国西安旅游局 English <> Chinese  Consecutive Interpretation
27-Mar-13 NS Skin scientific conference : Dr Joe & others : Interpretation@ KL Swiss Garden 7pm-9pm
English <> Chinese  Simultaneous Interpretation同步传译
28-Mar-13 NU Skin scientific conference :Dr Joe & others : Interpretation@ Penang Eastin @ 7pm-9pm
English <> Chinese  Simultaneous Interpretation同步传译
16-18 Apr 2013 2nd Hazards Asia Pacific Symposium第二届危害亚太地区研讨会 Eng-Chinese simultaneous interpretation同步传译
27-May-13 NU Skin Conference : Consecutive Interpretation @ full day Eng-Chinese Simultaneous Interpretation 同步传译
28-May-13 NU Skin Conference: Simultaneous Interpretation @ half day Eng-Chinese  simultaneous interpretation同步传译
2-Jul-13 IAS 2013 : Merck AIDS international conference
Simultaneous Interpretation @ half day KLCC艾滋病会议
Eng-Chinese Simultaneous Interpretation同步传译
13-Aug-13 2013 International Dragon Award for life insurance and financial industry Annual Meeting
Organized by IDA and MyCEB
Chinese-Eng-Chinese Interpretation
Media briefing EMCEE
20-Aug-13 Simultaneous Interpretation Viva Tel  Loke Yew, Herbal Life product showcase 产品培训讲解 Eng-Chinese Simultaneous Interpretation
21-Aug-13 Simultaneous Interpretation VivaTel  Loke Yew, Herbal Life product showcase 产品培训讲解 Eng-Chinese Simultaneous Interpretation
13-Sep-13 Malaysian AIDS Council ” Simultaneous and consecutive interpretation @ 10am-12pm Malay-English-Malay consecutive interpretation
16-Oct-13 Jabatan Perkhimatan Veterinari, Putra Jaya
Kementerian Pertanian and Industri Asas Tani马来西亚农业部与中国代表团
Consecutive Interpretation for Edible Bird Nest, China delegate and Malaysia Veterinary officer
18-Oct-13 Consecutive Interpretation on Properties @ full day 9am-2pm;6pm-9pm 吉隆坡产业大会 Eng-Mandarin  Consecutive Interpretation
20-21 Oct 2013 UNWTO 3rd world tourism conference @ Melaka Malaysia 亚太旅游会议 Simultaneous Interpretation @ Eng-Mandarin
28-Oct-13 Taiwan Tourism Board Discussion with Malaysia Tourism Board Putra Jaya 台湾旅游部 Consecutive Interpretation : English-Chinese
29-Oct-13 Kuala Lumpur Mahkamah Sesyen KL @ No. Kes : A52NCC-148-07/2013 吉隆坡法庭 Eng-Chinese Consecutive Interpretation
30-Oct-13 Taiwan Tourism Board Discussion with Malaysia Tourism Board @ KL 台湾旅游部 Consecutive Interpretation : English-Chinese
5-Dec-13 Berkeley Capital USA ;Skype interpretation  @ 40 minutes每个地产公司销售讲解传译 Eng-Chinese-Eng Consecutive Interpretation
6-Dec-13 Berkeley Capital USA ; Skype interpretation  @ 1 hours ; 10am-11am ; 2pm-3.30pm Eng-Chinese-Eng Consecutive Interpretation
11-Dec-13 Berkeley Capital USA ; Skype interpretation @ 1pm 每个地产公司销售讲解传译 Eng-Chinese Consecutive Interpretation
11-Dec-13 Berkeley Capital USA ; Skype Interpretation 7pm-9pm 每个地产公司销售讲解传译 Eng-Chinese-Eng Consecutive Interpretation
19-Dec-13 Berkeley Capital USA ; Consecutive Interpretation @ 12 noon to 3.45pm  每个地产公司销售讲解传译 Chinese-Eng-Chinese Consecutive Interpretation
30-Dec-13 JPNKC.02 :Kahwin (Marriage) interpretation in ITBM @ 4pm 马来西亚登记局 Eng-Chinese-Eng Consecutive Interpretation
6-Feb-14 Court Interpretation : Sepang Court  马来西亚法庭 Eng-Chinese-Malay Consecutive Interpretation
11-Feb-14 Financial Service Asia Conference 亚太金融大会 Eng-Chinese Simultaneous Interpretation同步传译
12-Feb-14 JPNKC.02 ; 12 Feb 2014 2pm 国家登记局 Malay-Mandarin Consecutive Interpretation 中英同步传译
12-Mar-14 The 6th Asia Bitumen Summit 2014 @ full day亚洲沥青大会同步传译 English-Chinese Simultaneous Interpretation同步传译
13-Mar-14 The 6th Asia Bitumen Summit 2014 @ half day
Organizer : CBI China 亚洲沥青大会
English-Chinese Simultaneous Interpretation同步传译
22-23 Mar 2014 Seiketsu “Megembalikan Tulang Yang Sihat” Conference and Q&Q with professor from Chiang Mai, Thailand
Kota Bahru @ 3.5 hours ; Butterworth @ 4 hours
Chinese-English-Malay Consecutive Interpretation
26-Mar-14 Laureus World Sports Awards Malaysia 2014 @ 4 hours国际最佳运动员颁奖典礼 English<>Chinese Simultaneous Interpretation同步传译
29-Mar-14 Seiketsu “Megembalikan Tulang Yang Sihat” Conference and Q&Q with professor from Chiang Mai, Thailand
Muar @ 3 hours
Chinese-English Consecutive Interpretation
30-Mar-14 Seiketsu “Megembalikan Tulang Yang Sihat” Conference and Q&Q with professor from Chiang Mai, Thailand
Kuala Lumpur @ 3 hours
Chinese-English Consecutive Interpretation
8-Apr-14 Incoming Buying Mission @ MIHAS 2014 @ MATRADE马来西亚贸易发展局 English-Chinese Consecutive Interpretation
12-Apr-14 NU Skin meeting @ Penang Gurney Hotel ; 6.30pm – 9.45pm 直销公司大会 Chinese-English Simultaneous interpretation同步传译
8-Apr-14 Incoming Buying Mission @ MIHAS 2014 @ MATRADE马来西亚贸易发展局 English-Chinese  Simultaneous Interpretation同步传译
12-Apr-14 NU Skin meeting @ Penang Gurney Hotel ; 6.30pm – 9.45pm直销公司大会 Chinese-English  Simultaneous  interpretation同步传译
14-Apr-14 High Court : Mahkamah Tinggi Shah Alam 马来西亚法庭 Chinese-English  Simultaneous  interpretation同步传译
18-Apr-14 NUCERITY Convention @ Sunway Convention Center 美国 NUCERITY直销大会 Chinese-English  Simultaneous  interpretation同步传译
19-Apr-14 NUCERITY Convention @ Sunway Convention Center直销公司年度表扬大会 Chinese-English  Simultaneous  interpretation同步传译
27-May-14 Kuala Lumpur Regional Center for Arbitration @ KKB Engineering Berhad 马来西亚仲裁法庭
Consecutive Interpretation for witness and Arbitrator
27 May – full day ; 28 May – half day
29 May – half day afternoon ; 30 May – half day morning
English-Chinese Consecutive Interpretation
9-Jun-14 Onsite Korean movie shooting interpretation x 2 persons English-Malay Consecutive Interpretation
15-16 Sep 2014 Girbrau Spain @ 1st Coil and Vended laundry machines business workshop : Simultaneous Interpretation西班牙公司培训和会议同步传译 English-Chinese-English   Simultaneous  interpretation 同步传译
17-18 Sep 2014 Herbalife : DREAM Team Retreat 2014 English-Chinese Simultaneous Interpretation 同步传译
22-23 Sep 2014 Amway Ultimate DD training session for leaders @ Amway HQ PJ 安丽培训 Simultaneous Interpretation English-Chinese同步传译
10-11 Oct 2014 4Life Asia Convention 2014: 培训公司亚洲2014大会 English-Chinese  Simultaneous  Interpretation同步传译
12-Oct-14 12 Sep 14 Amway’s Nutrilite Rally at PWTC @ 8pm-10pm English-Chinese  Simultaneous  Interpretation同步传译
15-Oct-14 Acara jurubahasa IGEM 2014 (Matrade) di KLCC, IGEM, Internationl Green Tech and Eco Product Exhibition and Conference. Chinese-English Simultaneous   interpretation同步传译
20-Oct-14 International Business Meeting (INTRADE 2014)
Level 1 West Wing Menara MATRADE, Jalan Duta
English-Chinese Simultaneous   Interpretation
21-Oct-14 KLIA Kastam interpretation English-Malay-Chinese for two Chinese girls and Kastam officer马来西亚海关 English-Chinese-Malay Consecutive Interpretation
24-Oct-14 Herbalife’s APAC Wellness 2014 亚太保健大会 English-Chinese  Simultaneous  Interpretation同步传译
29-30 Oct 2014 29 & 30 Oct Roche conference @ AEEPO on cancer patients treatment 医药与护理会议 English-Chinese  Simultaneous  Interpretation同步传译
5-Nov-14 5 Nov 14 Herbalife’s Leadership Training at Shah Alam Convention English-Chinese Simultaneous   Interpretation同步传译
10-Nov-14 Malaysia Anti Corruption Commission-China Guangdong Supervisory Board meeting @ 9am to 12 noon反贪污与廉政会议 English-Chinese  Simultaneous  Interpretation 同步传译
11-Nov-14 Institute Integrity Malaysia-Chinese Guangdong Supervisory Board meeting反贪污与廉政会议 English-Chinese Simultaneous  Interpretation同步传译
12-Nov-14 NU Skin Convention @ Prince Hotel Kuala Lumpur English-Chinese  Simultaneous  Interpretation同步传译
13-Nov-14 20th Asian Holorological Trade & Industries Promotion Conference (AHTIPC) 亚洲钟表业大会 English-Chinese  Simultaneous  Interpretation
21-Nov-14 NU Skin Go STAR Camp @ Holiday Villa Subang @ 8.00 to 10.15am English-Chinese Simultaneous   Interpretation 同步传译
28-Nov-14 Majlis menandatangani MOU antara Perbadanan Kemajuan Negeri Melaka dan Syarikat XINGYI Glass 中国玻璃 Chinese-English Simultaneous   interpretation同步传译
19-21 Jan 2015 INTR08-1214 J&J Conference @ Johnson & Johnson Vision Care Asia Pacific (JJVC AP);
19 Jan – Full day ; 20 Jan – Half day美国 Johnson & Johnson年度亚太会议
Chinese-English Simultaneous   interpretation 同步传译
22-23 Jan 2015 REGIONAL SALES MEETING (CATERPILLAR International)  ; 22 Jan – 23 Jan ; Full day美国  CATERPILLAR 亚太销售会议 Chinese-English Simultaneous   interpretation 同步传译
29-Jan-15 Sime Darby Leadership Centre, Global Induction Program Chinese-English Simultaneous   interpretation 同步传译
9-13 Feb 2015 Interpretation for JB, KL, Penang factories for BIRGMA HOLDINGS (HONG KONG) LIMITED Chinese-English Consecutive   interpretation
3-4 Mar 2015 Palm Oil Conference Kuala Lumpur  棕榈油大会 Chinese-English Simultaneous   interpretation同步传译
7-Mar-15 Jeuannes Diamond Expedition Golden Horse Kuala Lumpur @ 12.30pm to 6pm Chinese-English Simultaneous   interpretation 同步传译
18-19 Mar 2015 Consecutive Interpretation in KLRCA English-Mandarin, Malaysia Regional Arbitration Center Chinese-English Consecutive   interpretation
31-Mar-15 MATRADE @ MIHAS one day Consecutive Interpretation for Halal Buying Mission Chinese-English-Malay Consecutive   interpretation
16-17 Apr 2015 Guangzhou 广州 Finance Association and Malaysia RHB Bank and Malaysia Citibank Chinese-English Consecutive   interpretation
23-26 Apr 2015 4U Institute Micheal Jiang ; CEO Conference Simultaneous Interpretation @ Shangrila Rasa Sayang Hotel Penang 台湾培训课程同步传译 Chinese-English Simultaneous   interpretation 同步传译
19-May-15 Christian Dior 2015 Beauty Consultant Conference Grand Hyatt Bali, Kawasan Wisata Nusa Dua BTDC, Nusa Dua, Bali 80363, Indonesia Chinese-English Simultaneous   interpretation for Christian Dior Paris 中英同步传译
27-29 May 2015 Levi AMA 2015 Retails Conference
Levi Jeans : Marketing and Promotion
Chinese-English Simultaneous   interpretation for Levi California 中英同步传译
13-Jun-15 Amway National Leadership Conference 2015 Chinese-English Simultaneous   interpretation 中英同步传译
8-Jul-15 The NU Skin STAR Workshop, Kuala Lumpur Chinese-English Simultaneous   interpretation 中英同步传译
23-24 Jul 2015 Animal Health and Welfare conference @ Melaka, Malaysia Chinese-English Simultaneous   interpretation 中英同步传译
25-Jul-15 NU Skin conference,  Wisma MCA, Kuala Lumpur Chinese-English Simultaneous   interpretation 中英同步传译
15-Aug-15 Herbalife’s Leadership Development Weekend Chinese-English Simultaneous   interpretation 中英同步传译
24-Aug-15 1st East Asia Investment Forum,  一带一路Mandarin Oriental, Kuala Lumpur Chinese-English Simultaneous   interpretation 中英同步传译
7-Sep-15 Ref no: 2015/SIM/003
Malaysia MPOC @ Palm oil conference on export and import; organizer :  Bank of China 中国银行 and MayBank.
Chinese-English Simultaneous   interpretation 中英同步传译
17-18 Sep 2015 Hanwang Sustainable Development International Forum, One belt one Road, 一带一路 ASEAN economic community, organizer : Penang State Government Chinese-English Simultaneous   interpretation 中英同步传译
19 Sep 2015 SAORI  @ 化妝品公司,會議中翻英口譯,9/18下午4:10∼6:00,地點在馬來西亞Shah Alam Chinese-English Simultaneous   interpretation  中英同步传译
25 Sep 2015 CSA点亮一带一路——马来西亚对接会 ;  CSA Lighting the “New Silk Road”—Malaysia Business Summit on Solid State Lighting Chinese-English Simultaneous   interpretation  中英同步传译
9 Oct 2015 Industry Development and Planning of Hainan Province Chinese-English Simultaneous   interpretation 中英同步传译
10 Oct 2015 Melaleuca Leadership Summit Chinese-English Simultaneous   interpretation 中英同步传译
12 Oct 2015 Bulgaria @ 5 levels Funwalls & Rocktopia construction Chinese-English Simultaneous   interpretation 中英同步传译
23 Oct 2015 NU Skin Conference @ Eastin Hotel Penang, Malaysia Chinese-English Simultaneous   interpretation  中英同步传译
5 Nov 2015 Symantec Asia Partner Conference (IT, Internet Security and Software certificate) Venue:  Mandarin Oriental Singapore Chinese-English Simultaneous   interpretation 中英同步传译
6 Nov 2015 Sunway Manager Conference @ Sunway Convention Center, Venue : Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Chinese-English Simultaneous   interpretation 中英同步传译
7 Nov 2015 China and Malaysian Government meeting @ One Belt One Road Strategy;Venue at Dewan Negeri Selangor Hall, Malaysia Chinese-English Simultaneous   interpretation 中英同步传译
11 Nov 2015 NU Skin Malaysia ConferenceVenue : Renaissance Hotel Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Chinese-English Simultaneous   interpretation 中英同步传译
17-18 Nov 2015 Asia Natural Gas Infrastructure Conference, SingaporeSmarta Conferences LLC64 Gertsena St., Tyumen 625000, Russian Federation.Venue : Singapore Chinese-English Simultaneous   interpretation 中英同步传译
21-22 Nov 2015 Herbalife World Team School,Venue: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Chinese-English Simultaneous   interpretation 中英同步传译
24-25 Nov 2015 ICBC Asia, Kenya Nairobi @ Africa Offshore RMB Seminar; One Belt One Road InitiativeVenue : Kenya, Africa Chinese-English Simultaneous   interpretation  中英同步传译
2 Dec 2015 KLIA international Airport Malaysia Custum English-Chinese Consecutive interpretation
10 Dec 2015 Malaysia UMNO Party General Assembly, opening ceremony interpretation for Malaysia Prime Minister English & Malay-Chinese simultaneous interpretation
14 Dec 2015 China High Speed Symposium (Enhancing Mobility and Powering Life with China Sustainable Development) English-Chinese Mandarin Simultaneous interpretation
8 Jan 2016 Consecutive interpretation for China Sea Port conglomerate and Klang Port management English-Chinese Mandarin Consecutive interpretation
31 Jan 2016 to 2 Feb 2016 Simultaneous Interpretation English-Mandarin for Samsung Event @Samsung 2016 Forum ; KLCC Malaysia English-Chinese Mandarin Simultaneous interpretation
9 Mar 2016 David Gurupatham And Koay; legal discussion and contract signing ceremony and conference English-Chinese Mandarin Consecutive interpretation
5 – 7 Apr 2016 HP Printer Convention @ 3 days Grand Sheraton Macau @ 300 delegates English-Chinese Mandarin Simultaneous Interpretation