CatEagle Engineering Sdn Bhd

1.  CatEagle Engineering is an engineering and software company that provides a wide range of offshore software outsourcing services as well as factory automation engineering & system admin outsourcing and test program development, testing cum innovative solutions with primary focus on the system & software engineering outsource services for the MNC and local factories in Malaysia.

2.  CatEagle Engineering provides engineering consultancy, process improvement consultation and factory optimization for the manufacturing world.

3.  CatEagle Engineering Sdn Bhd actively involve in tester, prober, handler, bonder and other semiconductor equipment trading.

4.  CatEagle Engineering Sdn Bhd designed, developed and successfully manufactured the  full solution in Hologram 3D advertising media in Year 2014.   We do manufacturing, sales, installation, service, customization and software development for clients in Penisular Malaysia.

5.  CatEagle Engineering after 7 years of intensive research since Year 2007, we successfully co-developed the Fuel Atomizer in Year 2012, can in automotive for extra mileage, petrol saving, higher momentum and more power, CO emission reduction and  black smoke reduction.

At CatEagle Engineering, we are keenly interested in establishing long-term cooperation with manufacturing factories, semiconductor manufacturers, fabless subcond houses, IT companies as well as building trusted mutually beneficial relationships and always enthusiastic about new challenging projects!

Our services

We specialize in creating digital media solutions that turns any picture, products, texts, logos or graphics into 3D holographic animation. This means turning your logo, brand, picture or products into free-floating 3D images . It can be set up in a display cabinet, mounted on the wall or on a stage.   We are also one-stop production centre that works with you to conceptualize, design and produce the content and display that you desire. All it takes is 30 days after conceptualisation of the idea to produce the holographic content and the cabinet.

Our Product here is hologram :  Holoworld – A holographic system that projects free-floating 3D images in a cabinet or stage to create  a virtual reality illusion. Our displays or stages are fully customization to cater for your specific needs and wants. Sizes of display range from 16” to 60’ in width.

Teradyne, Verigy, LTX, ETS test development for semiconductor manufacturers Engineering consultation, process improvement consultation, OEE, Lean & cost improvement and factory optimization for the manufacturing world.
Trading of used equipment, including tester, prober, semiconductor equipment and machines.  Teradyne (J750, Tiger, U-FLEX, I-FLEX, A360), LTX, Credence, EG Prober, Bonder and other semiconductor equipment.


Summary :-

1. We invented, manufacture and market 3D hologram.
2. We co-invented the Fuel Atomizer for Petrol Saving
3. We have the skill set for manufacturing system consultation.
4. Semiconductor test program development & pattern generation is one of our strongest technical expertise and technical know-how
5. Trading of semiconductor equipment.

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Our expertise & why you want to choose us :-

  • Blending Expertise and Software Outsourcing Services. Our team consists of experiences engineering staff with extensive working experiences in MNC for more than 10 years.
  • Excellent performer. Our engineering consultants were those groups of top performer from the top MNC factories with more than 16 years of experience managing the high volume semiconductor complicated manufacturing facility.
  • Individual approach. We will find the most cost-effective solution for every particular customer. This includes advisory and after-development backing.
  • Adaptable development teams. Our software development teams are flexible and can be resized and readjusted anytime upon customers request. Our system engineering teams can be resized to handle crisis, and factory important setup or factory cool shut down.
  • Low cost. Our quote is highly competitive in the local or international market.


Hologram (solely invented and manufacture by CatEagle Engineering)

Infinity image (invented, design and manufacture by CatEagle Engineering)


Fuel Atomizer, for automotive petrol saving, higher momentum and more power.



Semiconductor development and automation :-


Factory Engineeting Automation Malaysia

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